revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden
Hello and thank you for playing.

revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden

When it comes to revenge it is a dish best served sub zero. WIth a big ol bucket of Homicide. and some brutally to drink.
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To make things clearly interesting I will do a 900 thousand battle rap contest. Plz cont. bringing peeps and well fighting and make chars. BTW the next Arc will be a clean up and betrayal one. IE cleaning up after the killer fight that is going on. The betrayal will almost be like Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.

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PostSubject: Resurrección   Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:30 pm

On Special occasions Certain SHimi can unleash a Resurreccion as seen by Tousen. Traitor Shimgami can be allowed to use this but only 3 shimigami can. One the head is struck and they are near death it deactivates. Once a arrcanar uses his activates his Resurreccion in battle. He gets the abilites meaning tougher skin and ceros. If a Vizard unleashes his Bankai and a mask then he can do only red ceros. I am only allowing Red ceros and only ppl with Grimmjows Blade can do the grand rey Cero. Only the person with Ulquirroas Blade can do Black Cero.

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