revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden
Hello and thank you for playing.
Fun facts bout them Leeygai

revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden

When it comes to revenge it is a dish best served sub zero. WIth a big ol bucket of Homicide. and some brutally to drink.
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To make things clearly interesting I will do a 900 thousand battle rap contest. Plz cont. bringing peeps and well fighting and make chars. BTW the next Arc will be a clean up and betrayal one. IE cleaning up after the killer fight that is going on. The betrayal will almost be like Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.


 Fun facts bout them

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Fun facts bout them Left_bar_bleue90000000/90000000Fun facts bout them Empty_bar_bleue  (90000000/90000000)
Fun facts bout them Left_bar_bleue90000000/90000000Fun facts bout them Empty_bar_bleue  (90000000/90000000)

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PostSubject: Fun facts bout them   Fun facts bout them EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 3:05 pm

Sometimes you will have to pass a test. You might have to fight. You make have to a poke contest. You might need to use a scouter to detect them in guarded areas. Who knows maybe if you impress me I might reward you with. You might have to tag fight and the winner will git 2 for each.

Things not do when searching
1.Use ur B day as a reason
2. Use a paralyze move

Things that can be done for non SHimigamis
1. Use the Keki Genkai
2. Madaras portal thing
3. A Naruto uzamaki style clone move
4. Do a WWE or TNA move
5. Use Ki moves.
6. Fly or hover

Sabiamen are great help for distractions and killings. You can Manifest your Shimigami weapon Spirit for Tag Fights. Best type idea would be to stratigise on the time of getting that spefic ball. They will have stars when you get the Ball I will tell you as reply to Post. Or if your close or Miss you will be told on reply. When miss you will recieve the homer D'oh image. When close will be Kakorat in armor thinking. and Sucess will be either Happy Luffy or Joker image.

To exist in my world is to exist in darkness and hate.
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Fun facts bout them
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