revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden
Hello and thank you for playing.

revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden

When it comes to revenge it is a dish best served sub zero. WIth a big ol bucket of Homicide. and some brutally to drink.
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To make things clearly interesting I will do a 900 thousand battle rap contest. Plz cont. bringing peeps and well fighting and make chars. BTW the next Arc will be a clean up and betrayal one. IE cleaning up after the killer fight that is going on. The betrayal will almost be like Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.

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 Akane Information

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PostSubject: Akane Information   Sun May 02, 2010 8:53 pm

I Said i would be posting this soon so here it is. If you have a Problem with any of the jutsu Take it up with me. I will fix them if some one has a VAILD reason why they don't approve of it

How to hire the Akane

Just Pm Ryi.(Aka Volta) and Put the Subject as

Akane: Contract

Make Sure to put all the details you can as Threat level. What you are willing to pay. It can be anything for a Bounty to a Theft Contract. We work in any zone From the SS to DBZ.

If you want to Join DO NOT ASK. Just do Something to Gain my Attention.

Akane Ranking System


Pre-Rank: Testing

Rank one: Trainee

Rank two: Fighter

Rank Three: Killer

Rank Four: Merc

Rank Five: Deaths Servant

Rank Six: Inquisitor

Rank Seven: Hidden Blade

Rank Eight: Black Hand

Rank Nine: Assassin

Rank Ten: Death.(Leader) All Akane members under Rank Five Must not look him in the eyes and must Bow before speaking to him.

How To Rank up in the Akane

Pre-Rank. If you are this you are not a member but a prospect(any rank)

Rank One: You have yet to complete any training but you are learning. (any rank)

Rank Two: You have fought and won in a non-death match again another Rank Two.(any rank)

Rank Three: You have completed your first killing contract.(any rank)

Rank Four: You have Completed at least Ten contracts killing or other wise.(Chunin at least)

Rank Five: You have mastered At least one Akane Jutsu and all the Trainings But Integration(Chunin)

Rank Six: You mastered and have used the Integration At least Twice(Jounin)

Rank Seven: You have Completed as Least Ten Killing Contracts and Forty other Contracts Also you have Mastered the Art of Shadow killing.

Rank Eight: There are only Two Black Hands Picked by the Leader for there Skill

Rank Nine: Picked by the Leader. This is his second in command.

Rank Ten: Gain By either The Current leader Stepping down Or dieing. It automatically goes to the Assassin


Akane Trainings and Jutsu

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.): Art Of Shadow Killing
Type: Training/ Jutsu
Rank: Genin/Akane
Element(if any): Akane
Description: This Training Teaches Akane member how to When in Shadows to be invisible to the naked eye. It also teaches them a jutsu that makes them have no scent in the shadows and make no sound at all what so ever. They can only be tracked by Chakra. Meaning Keto and Baykugan or Sharagin if they use a jutsu while in the shadow.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.): Akane Nerve Training
Type: Training
Rank: Chunin/Akane
Element(if any): Akane
Description: Once this training is complete the person that underwent it will no longer feel pain in less it is pain of Death. The training happens by use of using venom coated needle and placing them in pressure point the venom will fully deaden them if done right. If done wrong it can make that pressure point ten time as sensitive.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.): Weapon Training
Type: Training
Rank: Genin/Akane
Element(if any): Akane
Description: This is the Akane Weapon Style. That sets it apart is that they are Trained to perform jutsu with weapons in hand. What also sets it apart it that is called the Daemon Wind Weapon Style. It Uses Fast and semi powerful strike so you can get many more in a quicker time. What makes it more powerful then trying to get good powerful blows in is that enough small but deep cuts can be just as bad as one Large wound or worse.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.): Akane Mental Training.
Type: Training
Rank: Genin/Akane
Element(if any): Akane
Description: This is the Training that all Akane members Will get it allows them Fully clear there mind and focus in on one thing or objective allowing them to have full control over the Body and chakras. Once mastered this can even allow some one to Get a jutsu ready Before a battle starts and lets it lose with a command unique to each person normal it is a word. But it can be a jester or a motion. This is Very useful when fighting a Keto, Ki, Uchiha, and Hatake. Because you can Avoid there eyes or you can Track there movement much easier with this training because you can focus on the one person and block everything else out.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.):Akane Venom and Poison Training
Type: Training
Rank: Genin/Akane
Element(if any):
Description: Just what it says the Akane Under goes Training to craft and use and remove Venoms and Poisons Form the system with out medical jutsu. This was in some cases is more efficient.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.):Akane Medical Training
Type: Training
Rank: Genin/Akane
Element(if any):
Description: Again just what it says Medical training in Both jutsu and non-jutsu.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.):Akane Integration Training
Type: Training
Rank: High Chunin/Akane
Element(if any): Akane
Description: Every member Of the Akane when they reach a certain Rank with in the Akane They are Thought the Akane integration Techniques. Such as Water boarding. Use of an Iron Maiden, How to use a Pendulum. Also how to use truth Serums So Burning Acids, and Various other thing to get the information they need

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.):Akane Taijutsu Training
Type: Training/Fight style
Rank: Genin/Akane
Element(if any): Taijutsu/Akane
Description: This is the Akane’s Taijutsu Style. What is Different about it is that it utilizes Chakra By when they land a blow they let out a small burst of chakra they use to weaken the Opponents Skin and bone making them easier to cut and brake.

Name(of jutsu):Akane Entrance Jutsu(passive)
Rank: Genin/Akane
Element(if any):Akane
Description: This is the jutsu required to Move the Bookcase in the GusaKages Lobby. To enter the Akane tunnel system that leads to the Akane building.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.): Flash Fire
type; Attack/offensive, Jutsu/Ninjutsu
Rank: Chunin/Akane
Element(if any): Fire/Akane
Description: The use as long as they have undergone the Akane training forms the need handseals once that is done the user Finds his target and says burn letting the jutsu lose on his intended victim. What this jutsu dose is it set a target on fire burning only organic materials. And it only burns person the user has an image of in there head. If they get distracted they can kill an innocent person.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.): Drowning
Type: Attack/Offensive, Jutsu/Ninjutsu
Rank: Jounin/High Chunin/Akane
Element(if any): Water
Description: This Jutsu Works over a period of Five posts. It works by Slowing Filling the Targets Stomach, Bowl Track, Kidneys, Lung, and Heart with water and in that order. The First Two are non-lethal third one can be. The last two are. If the Caster is not stopped by time he gets to the forth post of form handseals the target is beyond hope.

Name(of jutsu or Fight style.):Flashing Death
Type: Attack/Defensive/Offensive, Jutsu/Genjutsu
Rank: Chunin/Akane
Element(if any): Genjutsu
Description: The Caster Does the Required Handseals and then looks his target in they eyes Once he dose they target is Trapped and immobilized. In this Genjutsu the Target Will Be Standing in a Bog with water up to there knees so cold it should be frozen. So black it should be a starless moonless night But it is Day. You can feel no Warmth no heat. Nothing but Blackness and Ice Cold water. As the Jutsu progress(it lasts for ten posts) The target slow see a Figure, a Shadow moving across the water. As it gets closer the target begins to get scared and begins to shake. When the Shadow reaches them it touches them and as it does the target becomes So afraid that they Slip into a unconscious. They can only be woken by the Caster. But while they are unconscious they heal so fast that you can't kill them in this state.

Double Posting is Annoying. So Do the World a Favor and Don't Double post.

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Akane Information
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