revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden
Hello and thank you for playing.
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revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden

When it comes to revenge it is a dish best served sub zero. WIth a big ol bucket of Homicide. and some brutally to drink.
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To make things clearly interesting I will do a 900 thousand battle rap contest. Plz cont. bringing peeps and well fighting and make chars. BTW the next Arc will be a clean up and betrayal one. IE cleaning up after the killer fight that is going on. The betrayal will almost be like Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.


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Name: Kenkei Kasumi Village: Leaf Village

Ramone was a sweet caring kind (naieve) compasionate boy. Born into a
family of people who were not shinobis, though they lived in konoha.
Ramone always watched in envy as he saw the kids from the village
academy go with their teachers outside the village on special missions.
All Ramone wanted to do was get a piece of the action which he decided
to do upon turning seven and joining the academy.
Ramone was nothing
special not even able to get decent grades from the academy but his
mother and father pushed him until he finally graduated at the age of
twelve. Upon becoming Genin Ramone got tired of staying inside the
village and Tired of being weak. This is where Ramones life takes a
turn for the worst...Ramone Salazar had already done 41 D-ranked
missions and wanted so bad to become a Chunnin,
so Finalloy he got
a chance at doing so When he made an appearence with his team at the
Chunnin exams...I'm not going to get into details but long story short
Ramone Becam a chunnin advancing sloly but stadily little by little in
the shinobi world.After the Chunnin selection exams Ramone went to see
his family (He only lived with his mother and Father) and while he
entered the house he saw his father sitting in a chair at the dinner
Table holding his Face in Anbu attak equipment and a Mask on the table
which kinda resembled a kitten to Ramone. He saw this and quieted down
hearing sobbing nwo coming from his dad...Ramone walked slower to his
father and Waited until his appearence would be noticed.
His father
turned with bloodshot eyes and tears running down his face and
bloodstains on his cheek to look at ramone. He quickly sheathed his
katana which lay on his lap apparently and charged at ramone thrusting
the blade into Ramones chest in an instant.Ramone had no idea what was
happening but while the blade was in his Chest Ramone noticed the blade
missed a vital spot so ramones eyes suddenly turned crimson colored as
he grinded his teeth and took out his birthday present from last year
from his father and stabbed him in his neck...Ramone didn't know what
to do so he ran and searched through the hous to try and find his
Mother but to no avail....Until he searched the bedroom where his
mother suffered from stab wounds and was bleeding massively.Ramone
quickly walked up to her and tears ran down his eyes but the breath had
not left her body and she spoke to him as he knelt down by her.
last words Are "Forgive me...." After that Ramone got up in anger as
dozens of anbu appeared in front of the house shouting to Kenkei (his
Ramone turned
his head went to the table in the kitchen and picked up his fathers
anbu mask and stared at it wondering what in the world could it
mean...then he heard a loud Bang outside of the house as he saw a man
walk through the door in large black robes with a warm Fake smile on
his face...he spoke after a moment of silence "geez there is quite a
mess here....come with me i'll tell you everything you need to know..."

later Ramone is sitting in a cave thinking about what has just happened
and what the man told sum it all up the man spoke about a
conspiracy of konoha trying to organize a terrorist attack on the
hidden shadow clan which was building up for the hidden sharingan
orginization.he said konoha didn't want uchiha rising back up so that
they can rebel.Ramones father was in fact an offspring of an uchiha but
his mother wasn't and that never was in the archives.His father lived
secretly from everyone as a anbu and the only people to know about it
was the 6th hokage and his wife but the day his son became a Genin his
profile was looked at along with his bloodline. it took some time but
they figured out kenkei was indeed afilliated from the hidden sharingan
and they tried to kill him which is why so many anbu showed up at
Ramones house.Kenkei was doomed as he would be a fugitive even if by
some good given luck he escaped the village so he had to make Ramone
strong and in order to do that he tried to forcefully awaken his inner
technique the hidden sharingan calls "ung-bak". By killing his wife
kenkei knew that once Ramone saw that if filled his heart with hatred
at once the regular sharingan would have awoken but if he just observed
it and controlled the hatred a new (hidden sharingan) would be born.
couldn't wrap his mind on how his life was a mystery to even him and he
never imagined that konoha would dare try to do such a thing to the
hidden shadow but none the less Ramone was a child he accepted whatever
was told to him as the truth so that he can have a answer.

the encounter the Man who called himself Zaquri kenpachi left and told
Ramone that from here on out he was on his own. Ramone thought about
how his life was Fucked up and so he took up an alias to establish
himself as konohas enemy...his name is now Kenkei Kasumi of the hidden
shadow and he is the kage there but still known to konoha as a
missing-nin.He trained himself to become powerful and with the help of
the ung-bak his training was effortless yet he still ahs gained
tremendous strength and named one of the top three ninja in the hidden
sharingan.Ramones only means of life is to find out the truth and
destroy the one responsible for ruining his life.

Age: 14
That the world is a game thats an excuse used by more
than one soul to explain away precisely -why- they find the ideas of
mundane thought to be alternately boring and hysterical, but it is
again applied to Ramone. Take a mind gifted with a proper intellect and
give it room to grow, and then introduce to it the lure that all of
reality could be understood and controlled-one only had to study it
from the proper angle. This mind would belong to a young boy born in
the shadow of the towers of others. The key? Water.

possesses just enough intellect to see past the games of breakfast,
lunch and bed, and not quite enough to know that buckling down and
working to control the world was a far safer venue that setting
yourself up as a demonic lord. But to hear it from him, the latter
itself would be foolishness; there are far greater prizes to be won
than kingdoms or even gods. Ramone has an ambition which burns inside
him to possess reality itself, and to those ends there is nothing
sacred. All those who would cling to the practice of gaining
traditional power or worshiping deities who seem so weak on their own
thrones are considered lacking in ambition by the assassin, who tends
to see rules and restrictions as challenges for growth. The concepts of
dark arts are laughable for Ramone, who sees no such thing as good or
evil. Morality, in his eyes, is set down by the gods to be followed by
quaking mortal sheep, and if you need not obey them then why should you
abstain? For this reason, it is quite simple for the man to perform
deeds which could be considered perversions of nature or of justice-why
bother stopping? Who was going to catch you? The police? Well, if you
were weak enough or shortsighted enough to be stopped by a -cop-, then
you deserved your fate.

Understandably, Ramone thinks of the
divine as being nothing more than overgrown humans who have power that
they should keep better watch over lest it be taken from them. There is
no reason in his eyes as to why a human cannot attain that level,
particularly not when the gods pluck away souls and then bind them to
their wants.

By the same token, Ramone suffers from feeling as
if there are no absolutes in the world. He occasionally tires of his
own games, knowing by his own logic that reality is only what he is
reaching for, and if he should put his side of the playing pieces down
then there are no stories of justice or morals to rally him back. He is
far too proud to resort to giving into such illusions, however,

do you do when you see the seams of the world and also see just how
frail they truly are? When you can shake out the game of mortal lives
and bind it to your own ambition to give it its only worth, what rule
is there to command you when the nights are quiet and the rewards not
as bright as they had once seemed to be?

You entertain yourself.
Ramone has no intentions yet of giving into the same despair which his
own logics have brought him to, and if his laughter is a little too
wild and a little too out of control-forgive him, he's only having a
long day.

Ramone also has a noted lack of patience, expecting
other people to at least be enrolled in whichever task they claim to be
intent on. Those who will not either admit to having no interest or no
purpose in being involved with a subject are only wastes of time. When
the shinobi world has a more relaxed schedule, he does not mind being
diverted, but when he is fixed upon a task he demands for it to be
completed and to the flames can be resigned any who do not intend to
help or get out of his way. Because of this, many can be put off by
Ramone's mannerisms, which swing from utterly playful to ruthlessly in
demand for them to perform appropriately. His life in a complete
disarray he follows his own.

The Shinobi also enjoys amused
whining and being utterly off-balance in his approach to others. At
heart, he knows that he would rather be seen in thrall to a baker's
cart than actually resist fulfilling one of his plans due to mere
complaints, but it's far too entertaining to watch other people react.
For a man with such a sense of pride, he gives up a surprising amount
in just how silly he can get-incomprehensible to all save those who see
just how sensitive he can get when his intellectual capacities, the
true root of his vanity, are mocked and assumed lacking.

Clan: Uchiha/ Rouge
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do u want a zampacto
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