revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden
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revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden

When it comes to revenge it is a dish best served sub zero. WIth a big ol bucket of Homicide. and some brutally to drink.
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To make things clearly interesting I will do a 900 thousand battle rap contest. Plz cont. bringing peeps and well fighting and make chars. BTW the next Arc will be a clean up and betrayal one. IE cleaning up after the killer fight that is going on. The betrayal will almost be like Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.

Shinobi info card from Dek


 Chakra Element : Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water, Ice, Wind Minor:light, wood
 Zanpakutō :
 weapons :
 Jutsu :
 Other skills :
 Akatuski Members Jutsu :
 Shinobi Rank :
 Zanpakutō Attack :
 Anbu name : Creed, Number 0
 Bankai :
 Bankai Attacks :
 Bakudo :
 Hadō :
 Ryo : 118,000
 Age : 18
 Akatuski :
 Allies :
 Rivals/foe :
 Theme Song :
 Food :
 Booze :
 Drugs :
 Health :
 Chakra :