revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden
Hello and thank you for playing.

revenge 1000 yrs after shippuden

When it comes to revenge it is a dish best served sub zero. WIth a big ol bucket of Homicide. and some brutally to drink.
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To make things clearly interesting I will do a 900 thousand battle rap contest. Plz cont. bringing peeps and well fighting and make chars. BTW the next Arc will be a clean up and betrayal one. IE cleaning up after the killer fight that is going on. The betrayal will almost be like Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.

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 Keto what is it? see here

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PostSubject: Keto what is it? see here   Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:54 pm

I am doing this so everone knows

KEto can not see chakra but they can scents it and follow left over chakra and can also tell a person by there chakra and the way it feels ketos can copy jutsu because like sharagin they can see high speed thing and that combined with chakra scentsing they can copy any jutsu to near perfection beacus they cna feel chakra being let otu and see the handseal keto have VERY high chakra and strength and speed and in intellagents they also have perfect chakra control starting once they make there frist charka weapon there are two froms of keto blue keto(normal) and red keto(hidden and very few can get it)

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Keto what is it? see here
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